Kumar Satyam A very talented Vocalist, Vocal Trainer and Composer belonging to Banaras Gharana. Satyamm is basically from Bihar. His Guru’s were none other then his father Pandit Lalanji Maharaj and grandfather Pandit Ramashish Maharaj of Banaras Gharana. From childhood he has been performing on stage, around 1500 and still going strong. He was a vocal trainer at Suresh Wadekars Music Academy and Anup Jalota’s Gurukul in Mumbai. Satyam has performed with many legends like Anup Jalota ji, Suresh Wadekar ji, Richa Sharma ji, Pankaj Udhas ji, Wadali brothers and many more Bollywood artists. Apart from singing he is an excellent harmonium player. He teaches singing and harmonium all over the world. Awarded with many awards has done Sangeet Bhaskar.Received Gold Medal in 2012 has performed in many States Of India.